Potranco Road Flatbed Towing Service,San Antonio. Phil Z Towing (210)845-3435 San Antonio

§Misc pics 2-20-2011 001A Welcome to the Phil Z Towing, San Antonio website. September 23 , 2017.

Thank you for dropping by, we are interested in serving you. Please call or text us for a free quote. (210)845-3435

Our flatbed Tow truck in San Antonio, is usually near you on Potranco rd……, hwy 151…….. , Hunt lane…, Ingram Rd….,Richland hills Drive……, Marbach rd……….  We may be in other locations as we do our deliveries in San Antonio.
We are a Flatbed towing wrecker service near you in the Sea World area of San Antonio., Texas. If you’re stuck on the highway or roads near Hwy 151…., Hunt lane…., Potranco Rd….., Ingram rd…., Richland hills…… We usually have a rollback, flatbed tow truck nearby. We provide honest, friendly service to all in need of a vehicle moved, we will do our best to save you time and money. We take pride in doing a great job for you.

Our set price rates are some of the cheapest for flatbed towing in San Antonio 411 , but we take the time to carefully handle & move your car, truck, van, cargo, SUV, tool box, machinery, or shed. We serve these zip codes regularly; 78227, 78238, 78240, 78245 , 78250, 78253, 78254, 78251, but we may be in your zip code depending on where our deliveries take us. =0) Quicker response near Potranco and Hwy 151, San Antonio.#flatbedpotranco #flatbedmarbach#flatbedingramrd #flatbedrichlandhillsdr #towtruckpotranco #potranco


Welcome to PHIL Z TOWING(210) 845-3435. We carefully transport vehicles at fair prices.Free quotes call us now =o) San Antonio Flatbed Towing Service San Antonio,TX call or text (210) 845-3435

Day or Night we are here for you providing Flatbed towing service. The best wrecker is a rollback.

Day or Night  Flatbed towing service. The best wrecker is a rollback.(210)-845-3435 Phil Z

Some jobs we have done.

Pic’s of jobs we have done. (210)845-3435 Phil Z

Flatbed Towing the best way to safely transport your automobile.

Flatbed Towing, this kind of towtruck is the best way to safely transport your valuable automobile. (210)845-3435  Phil Z Towing hwy 151.., Potranco rd towing.., Ingram Rd.., Marbach rd.., Wiseman rd.., Hunt lane…, Culebra.., quicker response times nearby,  78245, 78251, 78253, 78254 areas. Close by Sea World.#flatbedtowingsanantonio #flatbedsanantonio #flatbedtowservicepotranco #78245 #78253 #78251 #vehicletowing #potranco#wreckerservicesanantonio #potrancoflatbedtowing

Flatbed Towing service, Phil Z Towing San Antonio, Texas

3-29-2009 towing etc pics 004ACall PHIL Z TOWING(210) 845-3435 For a free quote to help with flatbed towing service needs in and around San Antonio,Texas.

Towing roadside Service nearby 78238,78240,78245,78250,78251,78252,78253,78256,

78254,78245…, plus many other areas not listed.  Rollback Tow service available. Quicker towing response times near Potranco rd,  Ingram rd & marbach areas, near hwy 151 and hunt lane.

  • To Call:Phone# (210)845-3435
  • To Text: (210)845-3435
  • To E-mail: phil@philztowing.com
  • (Mail correspondence only) mailing addresses 471 Cr 387, San Antonio Texas 78253 & 439 Shadbush street, San Antonio TX 78245
  •  Physical Business location, (waiting on building permits), 6360 West old US Hwy 90(Enrique M Barrera pkwy), San Antonio, Texas 78227


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Welcome To PHIL Z TOWING! We carefully transport your vehicle at a fair price. Free quotes call us now =) 210-845-3435 for Flatbed Towing in San Antonio.

Some jobs we have done.

Some jobs we have done.

"REASONABLE RATES" 210-845-3435

PHIL Z TOWING (210)845-3435 Close to sea world., Hwy 151.., Potranco Rd., Culebra Rd.
A1 roadside flatbed towing & wrecker service that $aves you buck$!  Call for your FREE quote, our daily flat rates for professional service will surprise you! (210)-845-3435 Keep this # Just in case your car decides to shut off, stuck, searching for road side towing service businesses nearby.

We have been towing in San Antonio since 2008. We are TDLR “Licensed and insured under our official name “Fountain Rock Classic Cars” We are DBA, (Doing Business As) PHIL Z TOWING.

It always seems to happen when you least expect it, your car quits and you are stranded! 210-845-3435…Flatbed Towing Potranco rd..,

Be prepared keep our # (210)845-3435 PHIL Z TOWING, with you!

PHIL Z TOWING  Rollback, flatbed, wrecker, Towing Service, reasonable, honest and fair. One set price rate for the specific job. Some have said our rates are cheap, but we provide detail oriented service, we pay attention to the details.

Please print this page pass it on, show you care give our phone # to your friends & loved ones.


PLEASE think carefully, safety first, either stay in your vehicle ( if it’s safest) or get to a safe place to wait for help, standing on the side of a busy highway is very dangerous, other motorists not paying attention can hit you!

Watch out for debris falling from vehicles and trucks, this can cause sever injuries!

We are part of the professional towing community & are here to help get you to safety.

Quicker response near, Sea World., Hwy 151.,Hwy211., Potranco…, Hunt..,Richland hills.., Ingram rd…., Marbach rd…, Talley.., Wiseman…., 78253,78245, 78251,



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