philztowing,phil-z-towing.Hwy151, 210-845-3435
Jobs we have done in the past, flatbed towing in San Antonio (210)845-3435

The following is a contact list and we will periodically ad to it.

  • For quicker service our main phone #(210) 845-3435
  • To text us (210) 845-3435
  • To E-mail us: phil@philztowing.com NOTE; E-mails sometimes end up in the junk/spam folder so if you need a quote and we don’t respond that is why it is usually better to text or call for a quote, but we do try to check the spam folder as often as possible.
  • Mailing address is available at our discretion to reduce junk mail, Just email us if you need to send something through the post office for a mailing address. We are mobile and usually close to the sea world area of San Antonio, Hwy 151…., Potranco rd…., Hunt lane…, Ingram rd…., Marbach.., Richland hills.., Old Hwy 90.
  • We originally started out as Phil’Z Towing , the apostrophe¬† ‘Z , was placed instead of ‘S, this was to prevent confusion with other Phil’s towing businesses. We are now just going by PHIL Z TOWING & the Z represents a lightning bolt.
  • 2024 Contact information is current.

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