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Stuck on a culvert pipe!

Stuck on a culvert pipe! Be careful where you park the owner of the vehicle parked in front of the drainage ditch and when they returned pulled forward because the hazard was out of site.


Hazards especially drainage ditches are everywhere and not often enough properly marked so look out for them.

Safely removing a stuck car without incurring more damage takes a lot of skill, care and planning. We can carefully examine, figure out and accomplish a safe solution for you. If you have this type of problem, beware of anyone that is going to just pull without carefully planning and examining the underside of your car, truck, or equipment, because in these situations you can literally rip apart the running gear, engine, transmission, suspension, etc. of your car and to repair damage of that nature can go well into the thousands of dollars or even total your vehicle.

Corvette hanging over a 3 foot drop

Corvette hanging over a 3 foot drop


Corvette side view after rolling down a steep driveway and flying over a concrete ledge.

Underside resting on concrete.

Underside resting on concrete ledge. What you can’t see in the photo is the ground level is a steep hillside full of trees.